Frozen Sailor –
A leap to the world.

At the heart of our brand lies a philosophy of travel and creative discovery that is truly unique. As sailors, we believe in feeling the world around us in all its colors and shapes, like true explorers, while also approaching travel with the sensitivity and creativity of an artist.

We savor every moment of our journeys, using all our senses to connect deeply with the planet and its diverse cultures, always with a respectful and responsible mindset.

Fine Art Photography from unique places around the world.



The spirit of adventure and discovery, valuing exploration both on the open seas and in the hidden corners of the world, fostering a sense of curiosity and wonder.


With a deep respect for the planet and its inhabitants, we promote responsible travel practices and environmental sustainability, striving to leave a positive impact on the places we visit and the communities we encounter.


We prioritize genuine experiences and connections, celebrating the authenticity of diverse cultures and landscapes while honoring the unique stories behind each photograph and artwork.


Oxford University

MA in Journalism 1998 - 2000

Bath University

BA of Sociology and Politics 1996 - 1998


Journalistic Investigation Excellence

For an investigative piece into the history of gerrymandering and its consequences.

National Media Award

For an investigation into small government corruption.


Mon Colonial

"The print itself is of a very high quality and matches the photo in the listing exactly. Details are sharp and the paper looks luxurious. I was pleasantly surprised at the weight, quality and precision of the frame it came in. I love seeing it everyday now."


"Absolutely outstanding photo, it shortens the time until the next trip and every look brings beautiful memories. Fast delivery and friendly service, gladly again."

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A selection of textured elegance of Hahnemühle's FineArt papers, the ultra-realistic clarity of ultraHD Photo Prints, or the sophisticated framing of the Solid Wood ArtBox.

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